For every Afghan girl, right at home.

We turn homes into school for Afghan girls, ensuring they have access to quality education.

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Our vision in Action
Personalized Learning
Students will learn at their own pace. Engage with subjects through practice and exercises. Quizzes will test their understanding.
Online and Offline Access
Students will be able to access courses online and offline. Our dedicated apps will ensure learning doesnt stop, even without internet.
Progress and Opportunities
Students progress will be tracked. Upon completing our courses, they will access internationally accredited courses, leading to universities worldwide.
Our Journey So Far
We have held 150 live sessions for over 900 students and provided education for 200 students in remote areas. With your support, we aim to provide education to every girl across Afghanistan.
Afghan girls deserve the chance to learn
With 2.5 million Afghan girls out of school, the need for education has never been greater. We're a nonprofit organization delivering education to them. To reach every girl, we need your help.
Guldasta Academy
We are on a mission to make education accessible for every Afghan girl.
Guldasta Academy is a nonprofit organization registered in Canada.
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